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LioniX International – CUSTOMIZED MEMS

LioniX International is a leading and independent supplier of customized MEMS solutions. Our expertise is product manufacturing from prototype to production volumes. We use standard process modules with flexible processes, meaning we are open to modify our standard processes if your product specifications require so.

We offer flexibility in design as well as in process. We are prepared to leave the standard processing routes and develop customized process variations and combinations to achieve manufacturable solutions meeting your specification requirements.

Our customer base consists of OEM’s, system integrators and startups looking for a MEMS solution.

Our MEMS activities are driven by technology and as such our projects are not focused on any particular market. However, we experience a particular influx in the MEMS hot areas, such as bioMEMS, Microfluidics, Physical and Chemical Sensors, and Optofluidics.

MEMS activities at LioniX International take advantage from other expertise within the company: LioniX International has unique expertise in functional design and processing of Photonic Integrated Circuits for sensor and telecom applications. LioniX International also has in house facilities for Module Assembly, Opto-fluidic Systems, as well as facilities for Large Volume Production.

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