The leading supplier of customized MEMS for the small and medium volume

LioniX International produces customized MEMS from prototype to production volumes. To fabricate our MEMS we use standard processes which we customize if needed.

Meet product requirements without compromise

The success of our formula is that LioniX International has secured an incredible amount of standard processes and knowhow. These processes are the basis to develop and manufacture new products whenever possible. However, we do not compromise your product specifications by trying to fit the manufacturing process in a standard format. We are continuously exploring new possibilities and prepared to develop a customized process to meet exactly your product specifications.

From startup to more than 50 employees

LioniX International was established in 2001 and is now a flourishing enterprise with a team of more than 50 experienced employees who individually build on a comprehensive knowledge base composed of an extraordinary number of years of cumulative experience ranging back to the early years of MEMS.

Serving todays MEMS needs

Since its foundation LioniX International has developed and produced a variety of MEMS products ranging from Sensors, Inertial MEMS, BioMEMS, Lab-on-a-chip systems, products for Microfluidics, Optofluidics as well as OEM parts based on micromachining technologies.

Impressive track record

LioniX International has served hundreds of customers using thousands photomasks and run charts. These days, a considerable number of products are being produced and brought to the market by our customers, usually as a key part in one of their innovative products, enabling them to address new markets and applications.

Focus on Instrumentation and Life Science Markets

Our customers operate mainly in Instrumentation and Life Sciences markets. Among our customers are start-ups, SME’s as well as multinationals. We also serve R&D institutions.

Vertical Integration

LioniX International has unique expertise in functional design and processing of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for sensor and telecom applications. The combination of PICs and MEMS gives LioniX International an inimitable head start in some crucial areas:

  • Optofluidics / optical (bio)sensors
  • MOEMS (Micro Optical and Electrical Mechanical Systems)
  • PZT (Piezo materials)
  • Triplex™ platform (LPCVD, RIE and PECVD processes)
  • Bond and Etchback technology
  • PICs on Fused Silica

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