Our Customers

Our customer base mainly consists of OEM’s, System Integrators and Startups but also Research Institutions and Universities looking for a MEMS solution.

Because LioniX International’s MEMS activities are technology driven we are not focused on any particular market, however most of our customers operate in today’s hot areas of MEMS: TrueMEMS, Microfluidics, Biomems and physical/chemical sensors. Because of our activities in Integrated Optics we have added value in the functional design and production of optofluidic chips, in particular optical (bio)sensors.

Customer Relations

We pursue an open and long-term relationship with our customers. We team-up with our customers to fully understand each other’s needs and expertises. During the development phase:

  • You have the opportunity to work together close together with one of our project leaders
  • You will receive regular progress updates
  • You will have the opportunity to manage costs and risks of your project by taking critical decisions
  • You own the rights on the design

Vertical integration

LioniX International has unique expertise in functional design and processing of Photonic Integrated Circuits for sensor and other applications. LioniX International has in house facilities for Module Assembly, as well as facilities for Volume Production within its consortium. We provide solutions for Assembly and Packaging, Large scale production, PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuits) applications based on Triplex ® technology, Optofluidic sensors and systems as well as MNT (molecular nano technologies) and surface modifications.


Since the foundation of LioniX in 2001, we have built up an impressive track record in MEMS & MNT. A considerable number of products have been developed successfully and are now brought to the market by our customers, usually as a key part in one of their innovative products, enabling them to address new markets and applications.