At LioniX International we maintain a sustained customer relationship based on a number of principles that we respect:

Bridge the gap and team up

Anyone working with MEMS will admit that the variety of MEMS applications is enormously. It stretches from accelerometers to chips for DNA synthesis, from inkjet nozzles to spectrometers. We might not be able to comprehend all considerations and modeling of your design, just like you might not know all details about the processes we use to manufacture your chip. What we believe, however, is that the best results are obtained when we team up and learn from each other’s expertise as much as possible.

Clear points of contact – Stay connected

Once the project is in place we will communicate through clear points of contact: the account manager is your commercial contact, and the project leader your technical contact. Communication will be on a regular base and consist of face to face meetings and conference calls. We will always follow up quickly on actions.

Open Communication

We are open and transparent in our communication, meaning we provide reliable information on progress, we set realistic expectations, and we don’t overpromise. During the phase of process development, we will provide enough background information to give you the opportunity to manage your costs and risks.

Only through a sustained customer relationship your novel idea can become a customized process that turns into a volume product.