MEMS Applications

We are active in the following MEMS fields:

FieldExample Applications
True MEMSReleased structures based on SOI wafers or surface micromachining processes. Customised accelerometers and gyroscopes, usually electrostatically  driven
Sensors & ActuatorsFlow sensors, pressure sensors, chemical sensors, ISFETs, conductivity sensors, microphones, CMUTs
MicrofluidicsReactors, electrophoresis chips, micropumps, microvalves, mixers, phase separators, etc, for life sciences and medical applications
BioMEMSDNA microarrays, PCR chips, biosensors, and other chips for diagnostics and drug screening
Micromachining2½ D structures with very small feature size or very high accuracy which cannot be made by other technologies, for example used for mass spectrometry
MOEMSDisplays, beamers, adjustable mirrors, adjustable waveguides
NozzlesInkjet printheads, Inhalers
RF MEMSSwitches, Tunable Capacitors, Coils
ProbingProbetips used in AFM (atomic force microscopy) or related analysis techniques such as SPM, CIPT probes or Nanoindenters
Integrated OpticsPICs (photonic integrated circuits), Optofluidic sensors based on tunable (Mach Zehnder) interferometers, ring resonators or absorption sensors with planar integrated waveguides based on LioniX Internationals TriPleX™ technology