We are always working on developing new technologies. Find below our MEMS technologies we currently use.

Continuous Process Enhancement
Processing Capabilities
Platform Technologies
Design Support
Wafer Services

Continuous Process Enhancement

The success of our formula is that LioniX International has secured an incredible amount of standard processes and knowhow in its history. These processes are being utilized to manufacture new products whenever possible. However, we do not compromise your product specifications by trying to fit the manufacturing process in a standard format. We are continuously exploring new possibilities and prepared to develop a customized process to manufacture your product with exactly your specifications.

Our 8 of continuous Process Enhancement summarizes our approach when a new customer requirement is coming in. First we will look if any of the standard block we have available will be sufficient to meet the requirements. If that is the case we will do an engineering run to determine th is specific design work and then continue to the Production runs.

If Process development is needed to supplement one or more standard blocks, we shortloop this part to customize the process to meet the requirements in the process development phase.

This way we ensure that our customers rely on the knowledge that we have in our standard building blocks, but have the flexibility to adapt the process if needed.


Want to know more about our approach to customized MEMS or our capability to do prototype or volume production?

Processing Capabilities

LioniX International uses 1000 m2 cleanroom space fully equipped with over 200 state of the art machines to process 100mm silicon, SOI, fused silica and glass wafers. Our technologies are based on, but not limited to, the equipment of the renowned MESA+ Nanolab.

A complete list of our process capabilities can be downloaded. We work with a network of suppliers who provide wafer services that we don’t have in-house.

Platform Technologies

Using the available equipment and our year of expertise we have developed platform technologies that are used as the building blocks for our customized MEMS. Below you find and overview of our most use platform technologies:


  • Bosch and ICP
  • Through wafer etching
  • DRIE on Silicon, Fused Silica and SOI wafers
  • High Aspect Ratio etching
  • Multilevel etching using buried mask technology
  • Etchstop on SiO2

Trench fill process


  • DRIE through device layer
  • Release etch (BOx layer)
  • Bonding and Etchback
  • Trenchfill process

MEMS can be very vulnerable if exposed to real life circumstances. To protect MEMS, and let them work in a controlled environment, a capping wafer is bonded before dicing and packaging. The technology is also referred to as 3D packaging.


  • Bonding methods: direct, anodic, thermocompression, eutectic, epoxy and BPSG
  • Vacuum bonding
  • Hermetic bonding
  • Cavity bonding
  • Aligned bonding
  • CMP

LioniX International produces custom designed ISFETs (ion sensitive field effect transistors) with a standard process based on ion implantation and a Ta2O5 gate dielectric. These ISFETs have a very high, almost Nernstian response of 58 mV/pH, and very low drift. They can be equipped with a protection electrode for ESD and a temperature diode.

Triplex is LioniX Internationals platform for fabrication of LPCVD Silicon Nitride based PICs (Photonic Integrated Circuits). Our PICs are used for datacom/telecom applications and for optical sensors in life sciences. LioniX is a leading player in PIC systems including assembly, control electronics and integration of light sources and detectors.

Optofluidics, the combination of integrated waveguide based optical sensors and microfluidics, is one of the disciplines in which LioniX International distinguishes itself from other players in the field. Both expertises have deep roots in the company.

Optofluidic chips and systems find their application in Life Sciences. They are used for confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), endoscopy, spectroscopy, optical biosensors, food sorting, flowcytometry and molecular diagnostics.

Design Support

LioniX international has experienced designers who convert your input, whether it be a sketch in power point or a concept mask in GDS format, into a maskset. We usually import from DXF and Solid Works files, or if needed we redraw your dimensioned PDF drawings.

We will always review your input for manufacturability. After your final approval, we will send off the design for mask manufacturing.

We are  also capable to help you with your functional design.

Wafer Services

LioniX International provides single step wafer services on 100 mm and 150 mm wafers.


  • LPCVD Low stress silicon rich nitride (SiRN)
  • LPCVD stoichiometric nitride (Si3N4)
  • Thermal oxidation (SiO2)
  • Metal evaporation