Example of Micromachining using Customized MEMS

Example of precision micromachined nozzles by KOH etching

Micromachining is the structuring of silicon and glass by means of lithography, etching and deposition techniques. Micromachining enables the micrometer precise production of large volumes of very small devices, which can be used  for a variety of applications.

Lionix International uses several micromachining technologies, such as:

  • Anisotropic wet etching of silicon
  • Dry etching of silicon (DRIE)
  • Dry etching of Fused Silica
  • Isotropic wet etching of borosilicate glass and fused silica
  • Wafer bonding
  • LPCVD of Silicon Nitride

Examples of micromachined chips we have made are:

  • Probe tips
  • TEM grids
  • Groove plates
  • OEM parts for a mass spectrometer
  • Heated TEM stage