When working with us on your customized MEMS product, in general we distinguish three different product phases depending on the maturity of the product and the MEMS process. A new customer can enter in any of these phases, although we typically see this happens in the first two phases due to the customized nature of the projects we work on.

Process development

In this phase we look if a ready to use manufacturing process is available, or that new challenges are to be faced and new process variations need to be tested before risking them in a fully functional engineering run. It is our strength that we do not compromise your product specifications by trying to fit the manufacturing process in a standard format. We utilize the full range of available MEMS technologies to produce a chip which meets your requirements.

Engineering run

After conclusion of the process development phase, or when process development was not necessary , we will start an engineering run. There are several options, depending on the maturity of the products manufacturing process.

The Proof-of-concept run will proof that the physics of the MEMS device are sound, and that the manufacturing process is feasible. Chips from these wafers are typically used for bench top demos.

The functional-prototype run will be used to verify design models, start packaging work, address system integration and test device performance. During this run small changes of design and process are still acceptable but they will converge and stabilize.

The pilot production run will focus on yield improvement, test optimization, product costs and ramp up of the production volume. In this run, in-process inspection points and final tests including their criteria will be anchored. Products resulting from the pilot production run are qualified to be fully assembled end-products used in field tests.

Production Runs

In the production run phase all process and design parameters are fixed and no further development is needed. Specifications are set and responsibility on yield is with us. Chips will be tested and inspected individually. We will deliver yielded chips on spec, either on bluefoil or in trays, supplied with CofC and measurement reports.


Are you interested to find out how in what phase your customized MEMS idea fits? Please contact us to discuss what this would mean for your project/application/product.